Who can be a member?

“Membership of the club is opened to all individuals working with bonafide Tour Operator who agree with the aims and objectives of the Club. They will also have to abide by the Rules & Regulations of Club The applicant should provide references of Two Managing Committee Members for the approval.”

Classification of Members

Life Members

Life Member is an approved Tour operator or a person working in a bonafide Tourism firm in South India. Upgradation for Active Members to Life Membership will be possible for an Active Member completed Three Years’ tenure without default in renewal and a regular participant in Club activities. Upgradation requests for Life Membership will be subject to the approval and sole discretion of the Managing Committee from time to time. No direct applications for Life Membership will be entertained.

Membership Fees

Registration Fee : Rs 250 which is onetime in all cases
Life Membership : Rs 7500
Annual Subscription  Active Member : Rs 750

Membership Fee of a person shall not be transferable at any cost.

Active Members

Active Member is an approved Tour operator or a person working in a bonafide Tourism firm in Kerala. Active Membership will only be given to the Associate Members successfully completed one year. Members should pay the registration Fee and annual subscription Fee regularly.

Benefits of being a TPC member

Your name and company details will be displayed in the TPC Website and Annual Magazine
You will be entitled for a free group Accident Care Insurance Policy
You will be invited to attend all familiarization tours organised by TPC
You will be entitled to attend the AGM of TPC and vote
You will be invited for all Seminars’ and educational programme’s conducted by TPC

How to register?

Submit your online registration form by clicking the link below.  The executive committee will screen your application and once it is approved you will receive an email from the Secretary to pay the necessary fees to compete your application formalities. Once the payment is processed you will be registered as a TPC member and membership number will be allotted to you.


Gender :  Male Female

Area of Operation :  Kerala South India North India Ticketing/outbound

Are you working from home :  Yes No

Date of Birth :

DECLARATION :  hereby declare that the information given above is true. I agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the TOURISM PROFFESSIONALS CLUB.

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