Origin of TPC

Origin of TPC

Tourism Professionals Club (TPC) is a non-profitable membership based Organization in Kerala that provides up-to-date market intelligence and privileged services to its members that contribute to the development of the Kerala travel and tourism industry. Tourism Professionals Club is a registered platform for Tourism Professionals working as Tour Operator in Kerala. We have registered it under Society Act 1955 Regn.No. ER 441/04 in the year 2003. At the time of inception of TPC, we had just around 80 members and now more than 260 tourism professionals have been registered in this Club. The members of the club constitute Managing Directors, Managers and Executives.

Let us express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the whole hearted support that you all have given us for the last eleven years! With your cooperation, blessings and well wishes, we have been looking after Tourism Professionals Club with utmost satisfaction of our members, conducting mega events (including football matches, Seminars with valuable subjects, FAM trips etc.) every year with the participation of all major hotels and the different tourism fraternities of the state.

Many of our club members would not be aware of how the hotel industry used to deal and interact with the tour / travel agents earlier, may be 8-9 years back. Earlier the hoteliers used to keep in touch / interact only with top level people of the reputed travel agencies. The formation of the club a few years back, however, has brought in a drastic change to the way in which the hotels started looking at the agents. The relationship between the two sides has strengthened, thanks to the many FAM tours that the Club conducted. In fact this was also a helping hand for the hotels who in turn could organize their familiarization trips and any other agent related activities through the club. To be specially noted is the tremendous product knowledge that our members acquired during the many tours that we organized with the big, medium and small hotels across the state.

Friends, you all are aware of the welfare program that we successfully organized for our members – the insurance scheme – the most useful one for many of us. Other voluntary services like blood donations, house boat safety training program jointly with Medical trust hospital, and the recent programme of Heartfullness Relaxation, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) Demonstration in association with Heart Care Foundation-Lissie Hospital. It has also helped our organization to grow not only within us but also amongst our colleagues.

We the 15 member committee are of a few Directors and Managers of different tour operating firms, voluntarily working for the mobilization of the club with an idea and intention that when-ever we get time, we gather and work for the betterment of the club.  None of us expect or get any financial/personal benefit out of the club but only friendship and a get together for sharing product knowledge.

During the AGM on 3rd September 2010 we decided to conduct an election for the governing body there declared election and accordingly appointed an Election Commissioner for looking after the election procedures.

As members of the committee, we wish to inform you all that the Club was formed out of the sheer enthusiasm, friendship and the strong will to create a common strong platform for the tourism professionals.  Taking into consideration our past work for the betterment and uplifting of the club, it is to be noted and we are sure that today our club and our beloved members are enjoying a valuable position and strength in the tourism industry of Kerala.

Thomas Vargese
Founder President
Tourism Professionals Club